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What Does A Chiropractor Do?
Chiropractors are specialists in manual adjustment of the vertebrae of the spine and subsequent joints. In addition; Chiropractors are  trained to prescribe therapeutic exercises, provide nutritional counselling, and recommend rehabilitation and injury prevention strategies.

The word "chiropractic" comes from the ancient Greek and means "work done by hand."

Adjusting of the joints of the body has been used in the healing arts for many centuries and is at the heart of modern chiropractic care.


Why Chiropractic? 

You may have been to other health care professionals in the past and may not have had success with your injury.  Here at Gillezeau Chiropractic we do our absolute best to ensure successfull recovery by getting to the root of the problem.  Through spinal manipulation as well as adjunctive therapies we thrive to ensure a speedy recovery and a decreased likelihood of future injury to the affected area(s).  

Did you know?

Back pain, neck pain and headaches are the most common reasons why Americans first consult a chiropractor. Aching joints and muscle pain that affect one's ability to get through the day and prevent participation in favorite activities, can be alleviated and corrected with chiropractic care. A Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) will assess your symptoms and recommend a treatment plan to put you on the road to recovery. Your chiropractor can also provide expert advice to help you prevent pain and injury from recurring.

What Is An Adjustment?

Chiropractors are highly skilled at delivering an extremely precise movement, an adjustment, usually applied by hand to a joint of the body. Adjustment of the joint restores proper movement, relieves pressure from the nerves, and optimizes function.

Could Chiropractic Help You?

The body's nervous system controls and regulates every organ and even cell throughout your body. When your nervous system is not functioning optimally due to a disturbance (subluxatuion), the various organs and cells will not function optimally. The daily activities that people carry out often create postural distortions which can lead to nervous system disturbances.  Chiropractic care can help alleviate these postural distortions as well as prevent future upset.

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